Get free Amazon gift cards with apps

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Get free Amazon gift cards on Amazon itself

Before we review how to get Amazon gift cards outside Amazon, you should knowthat the shopping website gives you the opportunity to win some for free.Let’s see how.

Get free Amazon gift cards with apps

There are also several free apps that can pay you with Amazon gift cards. Hereare my favorites.

2. Earn Amazon Gift Cards with S’more

S’more is an Android lock screen rewards app that lets users earn points inexchange for placing ads on your lock screen. Every day you have the S’moreapp installed, you will earn points. Regardless of how many times you see it,points are added to your account.
All that is necessary is that you use your phone as you usually would getpaid.
Want to earn an Amazon gift card faster?
You can complete paid surveys and use the refer a friend feature to get morepoints. Once you’ve earned enough points, you’ll be able to redeem them forgift cards from retailers, including, Target, CVS, GameStop,Starbucks, and more.
Download S’more

17. Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards with Fetch Rewards

Everyone needs to shop for groceries, but you can take it one step further byscanning your receipts to earn Amazon gift cards quickly. That’s where FetchRewards comes in.
It’s as simple as scanning your receipts, earning points, and getting rewards.Fetch Rewards matches your purchase to any of their participating productsfrom any store and gives you points towards gift cards.
Once you have accumulated as little as 3,000 points, you can turn them intogift cards. Additionally, if you refer a friend or a family member, you willboth earn bonus points of 2,000 each.
Earn free Amazon credit fast with Fetch Rewards

Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Taking Surveys

These survey sites are reputable sites that reward you with cash and giftcards for taking surveys. Surveys vary in length; some can be done in aslittle as a few minutes.

Earn Amazon Gift Cards on “Get Paid To” Sites

“Get paid to” sites (or GPT sites) are sites and apps where you can earnrewards by doing a variety of things such as playing games, watching videos,doing surveys, and shopping.

Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Playing Games

These game sites reward you with cash and gift cards when you play games.Here’s a quick summary of each site.

Amazon Physical Gift card

Amazon Physical Gift cards come in different choices you can choose a giftbox, envelope, or greeting card.
Choose one and select a denomination it varies from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 10,000.
The rest of the steps remain similar to making a purchase on Amazon.
You need to select delivery address and mode of payment.
> Note: Amazon Pay Balance can not be used for purchase of gift cards.

Earn Amazon Gift Card Free in India

If you are thinking, whether or not you will get Amazon Gift card for real?Then let me tell you there are various apps and websites that reward users foractivities.
There are various methods that help users earn rewards. The free gift card youearn can be used for recharge and bill payment, shopping and more. You canalso gift the gift cards to a friend or someone from your family.

Earn Amazon Gift Card Free With Times Points

The unique reward program helps you earn on use of Times Network propertiessuch as Times of India, Navbharat times, Newspoint, and Timespoint debit cardsamong others.
Get reward points for reading news, watching videos, and more. You can redeemyour points for various rewards including gift cards of top online shoppingsites such as Amazon Flipkart etc. You will earn Amazon Gift cards instantlywith Timespoint.

How long does it take to earn an Amazon gift card?

Most of the activities listed take 15 minutes or less. Some of the activitiesare tied to things you may already be doing. If that’s the case, it’s simpleto earn free Amazon gift cards quickly.

3. Amazon credit cards

Daniel_Dash /
To be clear, we are not suggesting that you open a new credit card just to geta free Amazon gift card. Depending on your current financial situation, itmight not be a wise money move for you. And no matter your situation, openinga new credit card can cause your credit score to dip temporarily.
But if you happen to be in the market for a new rewards credit card and youprize free Amazon gift cards, you might want to consider the Amazon RewardsVisa Cards. Get approved for one and you’ll get a free $100 Amazon gift card.
If an Amazon credit card isn’t the right fit for you, you can check out otheroptions by using Money Talks News’ free credit card comparison tool.

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