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Buying gift cards at a discount

So what if you could save money as well as earning more points by buying giftcards? If you’re happy to plan ahead, there’s a few useful tricks I’ve come upwith, from the least to the most lucrative:

Sam’s Club Disney Gift Card Discount Pros & Cons

* Pros: save 5%, options to save more with DOSH, can pay with any method * Cons: must have a $45 membership
And for even MORE strategies for saving on Disney gift cards, check out theseways to save on Disney gift cards from our friends over at Points toNeverland.

Granny Gift Cards Gift Cards Discounted – Best Coupon Codes

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Gift Card Granny Discount Vouchers, Discounts & Deals

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Granny Gift Cards Gift Cards Discounted Verified …

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Can I Combine Disney Gift Card Discounts?

Yes you can, and yes you should combine discount Disney gift cards. The pointof this hack is, well, okay the main point is saving money, but the secondmain point is convenience! It’s so much easier to carry around a gift cardthan a wallet!
However, if you are carrying around a stack of gift cards, it kind of killsthat convenience.
So combine them.
Disney allows you to move balances between gift cards, and the limit of howmuch you can have on one card is $1000. If you are spending more than $1000 aday, then convenience probably is not a big concern, now is it?
Disney makes it really easy to combine and manage your gift card balance withits gift card website. You can delete the old cards once you have moved theirbalance over to your main card, but we actually have a different strategy torecommend here.
Even if one of your gift cards is empty, keep it around just in case you loseyour main gift card. This way you can move the balance over to the empty one,and you still have it all!

Pros of Using Discount Disney Gift Cards

You might think this is obvious (saving money, duh!) but stick around for asecond. Using discount Disney gift cards is great because at the end of theday you are spending less than a dollar on a dollar’s worth of stuff. Butbecause there are other ways to save money at Disney, sometimes you can get abigger discount with a different method than a gift card.
Disney Cruises are not an example of this. Definitely do use your Disney giftcards for Disney Cruise Lines and Adventures by Disney! Neither of theseoptions hardly ever has any other means for a discount, and a gift card is agreat way to save some cash.
Another area where gift cards are worth your while is Disney merchandise! Ifyou are an annual pass holder then that will actually give you a biggerdiscount, but if you do not live close enough to a Disney location to usethat, use a gift card!
After all, souvenirs are not that important to someone close by who can go toDisney anytime they want. If you are not able to go often and this is aspecial trip buy your souvenirs with your gift cards!
The same goes for dining at Disney–if you are an annual pass holder then youalready have great discounts. But if you are not, using a gift card will stillsave you a decent amount of money.
Basically at the end of the day, Disney gift cards are the most helpful if youare not an annual pass holder.

Cons of Using Discount Disney Gift Cards

You did not think there were going to be any cons, did you? Well, there aresome. As we mentioned above, sometimes you can get a bigger discount than thegift card through different strategies.
One of the biggest examples of this is lodging. The key to getting great dealson lodging at Disney is the same for getting great deals on lodginganywhere–book in advance. You can get some killer deals online that will blowyour Disney gift card discount out of the water.
This is especially true if you use our insider lodging hacks. We were able tosave about 75% at the Beach Club Resort with our strategies, which is so, somuch better than the 4%-12% you can get with discount gift cards.
The other con is that if you are already an annual pass holder, or if you havethe Disney Visa Card, you will already save as much or more money just byhaving those than you will by using gift cards.
It all depends on how often you go to Disney as to which strategy will benefityou most. Discount Disney gift cards are great for infrequent Disney goers,but not so much for regulars.
We hope this has been helpful in deciding if and how to use discount Disneygift cards! You are going to have so much fun adventuring at Disney, and wecannot wait to hear about it! Let us know in the comments if you used giftcards for your Disney trip, and if there are any strategies you have foundthat we did not mention!

How to Get Discount Disney Gift Cards
Vital Dollar may receive compensation from companies, products, and servicescovered on our site. For more details, please read about how we make money.
Supply and demand are interesting topics. I know you came here for informationon discount Disney gift cards, but hear me out… The higher the demand for aproduct is, the higher a company can charge for the product or service!
Disney has mastered the law of supply and demand. With an ever-increasingdemand for tickets to their theme parks, souvenirs, and anything in between,their prices seem to keep increasing every year! And yet, we continue to paythe continuously increasing prices…
Thankfully, there are multiple ways you can save money on the otherwisebudget-breaking vacation you’ve been planning for the past 10 years. With afew tricks, you might just save yourself a few hundred bucks or more and takethat well-deserved vacation earlier than you expected. Here, we’ll show youmultiple ways to get Disney discount gift cards to save you more than a pennyor two on your next visit to “The Greatest Place on Earth.”
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Purchase Disney Gift Cards at Discounted Prices

Yup, it’s true! You can actually purchase Disney gift cards at a discountedprice. Some people end up purchasing tons of Disney gift cards to pay fortheir entire vacation (theme park entrance rooms at a Disney hotel or resort,and meal plans for the parks), because they get a discount on all the cards!How does it work? Most wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club and BJ’s offer thesegift cards at rates often as high as a 5% discount. When you’re paying severalhundred or even a few thousand dollars, 5% can represent a big savings.
Wholesale clubs most likely require a yearly membership fee, but that fee isvery minimal, sometimes even just $10 per year. Here are some details of thethree popular wholesale clubs to purchase Disney gift cards at majordiscounted prices.

Disney Discounts Through Credit Card Portals

You’re probably asking yourself what the heck a credit card portal is. Don’tworry, it’s nothing fancy, just an easy way to save some more money. If you’refamiliar with cashback websites or affiliate marketing, then you already knowhow this works, because a credit card portal works the same way!
When credit cards partner with major retail brands, they can make extra moneyby sending online shoppers to the partnered retail stores. When a referredcustomer makes a purchase, the credit card company gets a small commissionpaid to them from the retailer for sending them online shoppers.
The credit card company then turns around and passes on a portion of thatcommission to you in the form of cashback or rewards for shopping at theirpartnered retailers.
Here’s how it works:
1. Sign in to your credit card issuer’s website (like Chase if you have the Disney Chase Rewards Card). 2. Browse for the online shopping offers listed within your account 3. Click on the link that takes you to that particular offer 4. Make a purchase (preferably with your credit card, you’ll get the regular rewards points plus the discount or rewards from the selected offer) 5. Save up your points from selected offers and use them at Disney!
Examples of offers through credit card portals may be 5% – 15% + off certainproducts, dollar amounts off when purchasing particular brand names, orpromotions on newly released products with partnered retailers.

Can I link Disney gift cards to my Disney MagicBand or Disney MagicMobile?

As of right now, you cannot directly link a Disney gift card to your MagicBandor the new Disney MagicMobile system. However, if you’re staying at an on-siteDisney World hotel you can pay your hotel room bill with a Disney gift card.Any purchases you make on your MagicBand will be billed to your hotel room soyou can use a Disney gift card to pay for those purchases, albeit indirectly.

How to Stack Rewards and Discounts for Bigger Savings

The concept of stacking rewards and discounts is simple: whenever possible,try to stack multiple discounts and rebate methods to save the most moneypossible when buying your Disney gift cards. Let’s take a look at someexamples of discount stacking.

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