How do prepaid cards work

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How do prepaid cards work?

Chances are you’re familiar with prepaid cards such as the EZ-Link card ¹ usedby many people in Singapore to ride public transport.
However, you can also get other prepaid cards which work on major cardnetworks like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. These can be usedwherever you see the relevant symbol displayed, for spending and ATMwithdrawals.
> The advantage of using a prepaid card again often comes with security and> control. These cards do not offer credit – you can only spend the amount you> have already topped up on the card.
That means that if the card is stolen or cloned – or if someone steals yourdetails online – they won’t be able to run up unlimited debts.

Mastercard Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards

Mastercard offers prepaid virtual credit cards that can be used for onlineshopping, as well as phone purchases and mail orders.
If you’re considering a Mastercard virtual prepaid card, you’ll need to createa Mastercard virtual account first. Also, do note that Mastercard’s virtualprepaid card usually has a limited term of validity of three years. Anotherthing to be aware of is that a monthly fee is charged after the first year ofuse. What can be quite convenient is that you can use the Mastercard VCC topay in other currencies, aside from the USD.

Visa Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards

Visa also has a prepaid virtual credit card that can be used for safer onlinepurchases. Some of the features that make the prepaid virtual Visa card worthconsidering include:
1. You can change your personal details if you want to 2. You can use it for automatic payments 3. You can make payments in other currencies 4. There’s no activation fee 5. There’s no monthly fee 6. There is no minimum balance set 7. Term of validity may be shorter (a year or even less)

A guide to prepaid cards

A prepaid card is a great tool for someone who needs a little help budgeting,doesn’t have the best of credit or prefers the convenience of not alwayspulling out cash. But they aren’t the same as credit cards and they don’tenjoy credit cards’ greatest advantage – the ability to help build yourcredit. That said, there are plenty of good reasons to get a prepaid card.Here we look at:
We look at who can benefit from a prepaid card, how they work and what theyaren’t.
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PayPal Prepaid Mastercard®: Best for PayPal users

Why we picked it: You can earn rewards through PayPal Payback Rewards, whichallows for earning on qualifying purchases from select merchants. And for easymoney management, you can move cash directly from your PayPal account.
Pros: You can manage your money easily with this card’s mobile app and directdeposit capabilities. Also, you can add cash at more than 130,000 reloadlocations in the U.S.
Cons: This card comes with a variable monthly fee and no credit-buildingfeatures.
Who should apply? PayPal regulars might appreciate the benefits offered bythis card thanks to its available rewards and convenience.
Read more on the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard.

What is a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards are among the fastest growing financial products on the market.General-purpose, reloadable prepaid cards have grown from a $1 billionpurchase volume in 2003 to an expected $352 billion by 2023.
Yet, as popular as they are, there is a ton of misunderstanding about them.For example, although it gets mentioned, there is no such thing as a prepaidcredit card – it’s just a prepaid card and they’re almost opposites. Here, wetake a look at some common features of prepaid cards and how they compare toother card types.

Are prepaid cards safe?

Prepaid cards are not credit cards, but they still have protections. Prepaidcards in a payment network such as Mastercard or Visa might enjoy zeroliability protections, as in the case of the Gloss Prepaid Visa RushCard.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enacted a rule in April 2019 thatmakes the fees and other details of your card more clear with formattingthat’s similar to the credit card Schumer Box.
The new rule also allows you to access your account online, like a bankaccount or credit card. It also provides greater protection from loss, theftor incorrect charges, according to CFPB.

Is a prepaid card a bank account?

No. A prepaid card is a standalone financial product that you load with money,then it eventually runs out of money unless you reload more. A bank account’scard is called a debit card – it operates in a similar way, but it is tied tothe account’s funds. Neither is a credit card, which basically provides short-term loans to the cardholder.
A prepaid card can have similar features to a bank account, however. Forexample, you can use it to deposit your paycheck or auto-debit bills. This isbecause routing and account numbers can be assigned to the card.
Neither a prepaid card nor a debit card can be used to build credit, while youcan build credit with a credit card. If your credit isn’t its best, try takingout a secured credit card for credit-building. Just make sure the card issuerwill notify the 3 major credit bureaus of your credit habits.

Who should get a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards are best fit for someone looking for a convenient way to paywithout opening a credit account. Though a credit account allows for moreopportunities, consumers typically choose prepaid cards to control spending,control fees or make purchases.
“A prepaid card may be a particularly good choice for a high schooler orcollege student,” says Industry Analyst Ted Rossman.
“A parent could load money onto one of these cards to provide their child withspending money and ease him/her into the process of paying with plastic beforetransitioning to a ‘real’ credit card. Prepaid cards are also useful forpeople who are afraid of debt. Be wary of fees, though, and note that youwon’t build a credit history or earn too many rewards with a prepaid card.”

Pros and cons of prepaid cards

While prepaid cards are great for keeping track of your money and avoidingbank accounts or interest charges, they don’t help with building credit andthey can have sizeable fees. Here are the pluses and minuses of prepaid cards:

Pros of prepaid cards

* You don’t need a banking account. Unlike a debit card, which is tied to a checking or savings account, your prepaid card stands alone with its own cash. * Can be used for all manner of spending. If an open-loop card, which means it’s linked to a network such as Visa or Mastercard, then the card can be used at retailers that accept that network. * Direct-deposit your paycheck. If the card has its own account number and routing number, you can direct deposit and auto debit through your prepaid card without a bank account.
Card| Direct deposit features —|— Walmart MoneyCard Mastercard| Access money up to 2 days early with directdeposit Netspend Prepaid Mastercard| With direct deposit, you can get paid faster thana paper check Control Prepaid Mastercard| Get your tax refund direct deposited and nowaiting in line to cash your check
* Manage your money. “Most prepaid cards won’t allow you to spend more than the balance of the card,” says Mike Clark, co-owner of B&C Media LLC. “If you attempt to, the transaction will just be denied. So, prepaid cards impose a type of financial discipline – to spend only what you have. Credit cards, on the other hand, allow you to spend more than what you have. For some, the temptation is too great. That’s why 65% of credit card users carry a credit card balance. Those users not only spend beyond their means but also finance their over-spending with high-interest debt.” * It’s protected. If it is linked to a network, you’ll enjoy zero liability protections. And if you report the loss or theft of a registered card to the issuer, most will restore your original balance and issue a new card. * No interest. Unlike a credit card, you won’t be charged an interest fee because you are using your own money. * No credit check. A bank is not checking your credit, which can slightly impact your score. * Can’t overdraw. There are no overdraft fees. * Personal information is safe. Your personal information isn’t tied to a prepaid card.

Additional information on prepaid cards

For more information on all things prepaid cards, continue reading contentfrom our credit card experts:
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