How to gift an Xbox One game to Xbox friends

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How to Send an Xbox One Game as a Gift using Gamertag

The easiest and straightforward way to send games as a gift is using the XboxLive Gamertag. You don’t have to redeem code nor do you need the email addressof the person. Everything works internally.
1. First, find the game to gift from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One Console. 2. You will have a new option “Buy as a gift” apart from Install, Buy to Own, and Game Hub. 3. Select Buy as a gift, and then select choose from the list of your Xbox Friends. 4. Select the Gamertag of the person, and then you can customize. You can add a preffered name, and a small message. 5. Next, you will have pay, complete the transaction process. 6. Next, your friend will receive an email from Microsoft on their primary email address, a message on their Xbox Console. 7. The message will include a 25-character key for redemption. If the person opens this on Xbox Console, there will be a button he needs to push to Redeem it.
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How to Send an Xbox One Game as a Gift using Email Address

The process remains same as above, except that instead of choosing Gamertag,you need to use an email address. Make sure to use the email address is linkedto his Xbox Account best results, otherwise, the person can redeem the code bygoing to or directly from the console. The only advantageredeeming from the web is that it will initiate the download if the console isturned on.
Note: As of now there is no option to gift extensions, Season pass, DLC forgames which are cheaper compared to games, and many would look for that optionas well. This feature should also show up on the PC as well.
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How to Gift Xbox One Games – Digital Gifting Instruction
Continuing to expand the Xbox One’s digital ecosystem, a recent update to theconsole added the ability to gift games directly through its onlinemarketplace. While previously, gifting digital games proved to be challengingvia third-party retailers, game gifting integrates this as a native feature ofXbox Live.
Although there are some minor differences as a part of the checkout process,gifting Xbox One games is mostly similar to buying games for yourself. Priorto completing a transaction, you’ll be asked to identify the recipient, beforea redeemable key is distributed via email. These are the steps to send XboxOne games over Xbox Live using the gifting feature.

How to gift an Xbox One game to Xbox friends

The easiest way to send games to friends is by gifting to an Xbox LiveGamertag, which allows you to send products without obtaining a personal emailaddress. As a part of the checkout process, you’ll be given the option to picka person from your friends list and gift the item with a personalizedname/message.
1. Find a game to gift on the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One console. 2. Select Buy as gift from the store listing. 3. Select Choose from your list of Xbox friends. 4. Choose a Gamertag from the friends list that appears. 5. Enter your preferred sender name (this can also be used to send a small message). 6. Confirm your payment details to complete the transaction.
The recipient will now receive an email from Microsoft, at primarycommunication email address attached to their Microsoft account. This containsa 25-character key for redemption via, the MicrosoftStore on the console or other official Xbox applications.

How to gift an Xbox One game via an email address

Games can also be gifted without specifying a Microsoft account, by providinga valid email address. Xbox digital gifting currently revolves email deliveryanyway, making the redemption process is near identical for the recipient.However, instead of choosing an Xbox friend, enter an email when prompted.
1. Find a game to gift on the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One console. 2. Select Buy as gift from the store listing. 3. Select Enter an email address. 4. Enter the recipient’s email address in the box provided. You will not be prompted to confirm the email is correct, so check the right one has been entered. 5. Enter your preferred sender name (this can also be used to send a small message). 6. Confirm your payment details to complete the transaction.
An email will be sent to the specified address from Microsoft, containing a25-character key for redemption via Xbox Live. This can be redeemed, the Microsoft Store on the console or other officialapplications.
Gifting Xbox One digital games: Everything you need to know
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* Choose your friends . The friends who have already shared their lists with you are displayed on this screen. You can just use this link.
* To request access to the list of friends, write a note or use the one provided, and then select “Send this message by email“.

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Important! Just enter the address by yourself.

If your friend didn’t give his address on the list, you can still send him agift. Just enter the address by yourself.
* Select “Gift Options” to add a message to the gift and remove the price details from the receipt.
* Confirm the billing information and select Checkout.

How To Share Amazon Wish List?

To share your Amazon wish list, click “Invite others to your list”. If it is ajoint wish list, you can invite other users to view it. However, if the listis there just for you, you can select “View only” and copy the link.
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How To Find Amazon Wish List App

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Xbox Game Gifting not working
The option to gift someone an Xbox Game is one of the most impressive featuresof Xbox One, and Windows 10. We talked about it in much detail in our step tostep guide, but if you running into an issue because your Xbox Game Gifting isnot working as expected, and the person didn’t get your gift or worst youaren’t able to send one, what should you do?

Xbox Game Gifting not working

In this post, I am talking about the possible issues when it comes to “Giftinga digital Xbox game”, and how to resolve it. Stay assured, even if nothingworks, you can always contact Xbox Support to get your money back.

Your Gift was missed

When you send a gift, the process is instant. An email is sent, and if youhave used a gamer tag, a message from Xbox Live should be available for theperson. In case it didn’t happen this is what you should do:
Find the Gift Code under your Billing Section:
Go to your Microsoft Account Billing, and look for the order you placed.Expand it, and select “View gift code”. If the code is still active, you cancopy, and send it again over email.
In case you see the code is not active, you will get a clear note on whichgamertag used it. It is possible that you might have selected a wrong gamertag. Nothing can be done if that’s the case.
Many a time, the recipient deletes the email or the message, and this is whereit comes handy.
Contact Support:
If the above-mentioned solution doesn’t work, and your code is not used, youcan connect with Xbox support here after 12 hours. Sometimes it takes a bitmore time than usual.

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