Other Methods to Get Free Google Play Redeem Codes

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Best Paid Online Survey Sites

These survey sites allow you to monetize your spare time. You will typicallyget paid via PayPal cash, checks, prepaid Visa cards and gift cards. As longas you have an internet connection, you can make some extra cash.

Survey Junkie: Best Overall

The proprietors of Survey Junkie are extremely honest. They do not promise tomake you rich. Instead, they promise to offer you a reliable way to earn extracash.
The minimum payout is only $10, which is equal to 1,000 points. You can redeempoints in the form of e-gift cards or cash through Dwolla or PayPal. Banktransfers are also available for US accounts.
However, remember to keep identifying information handy — the website requiresthat you verify your identity before redeeming points. (In fact, you may haveto do so every time you opt for e-gift cards.). You can learn more about thissurvey site in our Survey Junkie review.
* New surveys are posted every day. * Points are credited within 24 hours of completing a survey.
* Limited number of surveys on mobile devices.

MyPoints: Earn Daily Points

MyPoints is different. It is essentially a cash back site that offers up to40% back with every purchase at more than 2,000 top stores, including Amazon,Home Depot, Best Buy and Walmart.
In addition to completing surveys and shopping online, you can earn points bytaking advantage of the special deals posted regularly. They offer greatdiscounts and points for completing special tasks.
You can also earn points by playing games and watching videos on the DailyScoop mobile app found on both iOS and Android. Moreover, MyPoints is one ofthe few survey sites with a lucrative affiliate program. You will get $2 forevery successful sign-up through your link.
A sign-up is considered successful when the user earns 125 points by anymeans. The affiliate program has a lot of upside potential, since MyPointsoffers $10 to every new user. You will also get this bonus when you first signup for a new account.
* Several ways to earn money. * PayPal transfers are completed in less than a week.
* Not all gift cards are valid in Canada.

Survey Savvy: Best for Regular Income

A great thing about SurveySavvy is that it allows you to choose from a varietyof surveys. Most surveys are short and only take about 10 minutes to complete.
You can become a VIP member by installing the app on your device, which willpay you $5 per month for your use. It’s available on desktop, and mobiledevices.
Potential survey takers should be aware that some users have complained ofless-than-stellar customer service. Your mileage may vary, but be prepared forthe possibility of negative interactions if you need help from this company.
* Short surveys. * There’s a mobile app to make money through surveys.
* Customer service is poor.

Are Online Surveys a Legitimate Way to Make Money?

Yes, survey sites do pay real money, but they can never replace income from aregular job. Even if you join a site that pays well, you will only make about$300 per month.
While some sites offer very high rates — up to $1000 per survey — high-payingsurveys are very rare, and are only available for users with a specificprofile (For instance, clinical trials).
However, make sure to opt for a website that is legitimate and safe, becausethere are a significant number of survey sites that do not pay. They are scamsand will result in a waste of time.
Beyond this, some sites do not pay cash and only offer rewards in the form ofgift cards and vouchers, so choose your platform carefully.

Free Google Play Codes

Google Play codes are 20 digits unique codes that you can redeem on yourGoogle Play Store and use to purchase paid stuff. One can either purchase,earn, or win google play codes, many famous YouTubers and public icons do agiveaway of google play codes.
Apart from it, one can get google play codes for free using various methods.Below I have mentioned some of the most effective methods of getting googleplay codes.

List of Working Google Play Codes 2021

Few of you might be very lazy to follow the methods mentioned above to getfree google play codes for yourself. For such an audience, I have generated afew codes using the platforms mentioned above, and you can simply copy thecode from below and paste it into your google PlayStore to redeem it.
Note:- All the codes mentioned above are genuine and working, obtained withthe help of platforms and methods above. These codes can only be used once,and if these codes don’t work for you, then it means they are used by someoneelse. In such a case, I will suggest you generate fresh google play codes withthe methods mentioned above.

How to Free Google Play Gift Cards?

There are many online survey platforms available over the internet, which giveyou tokens/coins for completing simple surveys and tasks. These coins/tokenscan be utilized for buying google play codes either directly or via moneyreceived. On such platforms, a user has to perform simple tasks likedownloading applications and completing shorts surveys.
Many fake websites are also there on the internet which claims to provide yougoogle play codes for completing tasks and surveys, to shelter you from suchcounterfeit websites I have some of the genuine online survey websites below.

Get Free Google Play Codes By Playing Games

Above, we have discussed some of the best platforms from where you can earngoogle play gift cards by completing simple tasks and surveys. Besides that,there are a few games wherein you can earn coins by playing simple games. Onceyou have earned enough coins, you can transfer them directly to your bankaccount. With that money, you can purchase a google gift card. Down below, Ihave mentioned some trusted gaming applications from where you can earn money.

Other Methods to Get Free Google Play Redeem Codes

Apart from completing surveys, tasks, and playing games, there are a few moremethods using which you can get free google play codes. Let us get to themethods themselves.

Method-15 Use Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a program by google from which you can earn money bygiving your opinion. A user can download the google opinion application fromthe Google PlayStore.
A person needs to answer simple and easy questions for which they get balancedirectly into their google PlayStore. This balance can be utilized against anypaid application, book, or any in-app purchase on Google PlayStore.

10 Best Places to Take Surveys for Gift Cards

After finding one legitimate way to take surveys for gift cards, I browsedaround and have tried other sites as well. Take a look at the sites I’veresearched that allow you to get free gift cards.

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