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21. Get an Amazon Prime Membership.

If you don’t already have Amazon Prime membership, joining will help youunlock great savings on Amazon.
While you won’t get Amazon.com gift cards for joining, you’ll get other perksthat can add up to hundreds of dollars a year or more in savings.
-Free same-day or two-day shipping on eligible goods and items. -Unlimited streaming of movies & TV shows on Prime Video. -Unlimited and ad-free streaming of over 2 million songs on Prime Music. -Exclusive members-only savings in Whole Foods stores. -Free delivery on a wide selection of grocery and household items, with 1-hour and 2-hour delivery options available in many regions. -Prime Wardrobe – try before you buy for select clothing items. Free shipping both ways. -Free No-Rush Shipping. Opportunity to decline two-day or same-day shipping in order to earn rewards and Amazon account credits for eligible goods on future purchases. -Extra savings and free gifts with Amazon.com wedding, baby, and other registries.
Read more about the complete terms of Amazon Prime membership.
After you’ve earned your free gift cards, you can add them to your Amazonaccount to redeem.

3. Complete “Money Maker” Offers

One of the fastest ways to get free gift cards online is by completing “moneymaker” offers, which are promotional deals or paid trials that give you moremoney back than you initially spent.
Why do these offers exist? Because the companies that offer them hope you’lllike the product or service and remain a customer.
These offers are typically found on online rewards sites, where you can earngift cards for completing a variety of tasks, like taking surveys, watchingvideos and more.
We recommend the three sites below for finding money makers.

Other Sites With Money Makers

These sites are owned by the same company as Swagbucks, but the offers (andhow much they pay) are sometimes different.
* MyPoints: Has been in operation since 1996, making it one of the longest-standing rewards sites on the internet. * InboxDollars: Has some of the best-paying money makers you can find, but those high payouts are offset by the site’s relatively high minimum withdrawal amount of $30 (compare that to $3 on Swagbucks and MyPoints) — though you may be able to hit that threshold with one good offer.
In addition to money makers, InboxDollars is one of the few sites that willpay you for reading emails.

4. Get Referral Bonuses

Rakuten offers generous referral rates, makes it easy to track your referrals.Even better is that it’s a service your friends might actually want to sign upfor and use.
Earning referral bonuses isn’t always easy: the person you’re trying to referneeds to actually sign up for the site or service you’re recommending. But itcan be one of the most lucrative ways to get free gift cards — especiallyconsidering the wide range of companies that will reward you for referrals.
Here are some of the best referral offers available right now, arrangedalphabetically (we’ll update this section periodically).
* Chase Bank: If you’re a current Chase account holder, you can earn $50 for referrals who open a checking account and substantially more for referrals who get a Chase credit card. * Comcast Xfinity: Get a $25 gift card when your referral signs up for one service, or a $150 gift card when they sign up for two. (You don’t need to be an Xfinity customer to earn referrals.) * PayPal: Earn $10 for referrals. * Rakuten: Rakuten’s referral offer changes periodically, but it’s normally either $20 or $30. * Sam’s Club: When your referral joins, you’ll earn a $10 gift card and they’ll earn a $20 gift card. * Swagbucks: Get $3 for each member you refer, plus 10% of their lifetime points. * T-Mobile: Earn a $50 Visa gift card for each referral, up to $500 per year. (You must be a current T-Mobile customer.)
Keep in mind, these are just examples of the referral offers that areavailable. All kinds of companies have referral programs. So, if there’s aproduct or service you love, check to see if you can earn gift cards byevangelizing about it!
The sites and apps in this section reward you for completing simple in-personmarket research tasks, like scanning barcodes, taking photos of productdisplays and uploading copies of your receipts.
As a rule, you can’t earn as much with these platforms as with survey sites orcash-back portals. But they do give you a way to monetize your groceryshopping, earning free gift cards with minimal effort as part of your regularroutine.

More Ways to Earn Gift Cards by Gaming

These options don’t offer as much earning potential as Mistplay, but they canbe a fun way to kill some time while earning a little bit of extra money.
* Lucktastic: Brings the excitement of scratch-off cards to your smartphone — without the risk of losing your money. How it works is you download the app then play the (free) available scratch-off games for the day. Have a winner? You get tokens, which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash. * Drop: Primarily a cash-back portal, the Drop app also has a “games” section where you can play simple games like Snake to earn a few extra points. * Swagbucks: Get rewarded for downloading games through Swagbucks and then reaching specified levels or completing specific tasks.

Free Gift Card FAQs

Why do companies give away free gift cards?
There are a few different reasons. Some are market research firms that collectdata about your shopping habits and preferences, usually by having youcomplete paid online surveys. The data you provide helps their clients (suchas big-name consumer brands) improve their products and marketing.
Some work on commission and have contracts with major retailers, earning a feewhenever they refer customers who make a purchase. Others offer giveaways andsweepstakes, using these promotions as a way to draw attention to theirproducts, services or website.
How can you get free gift cards online without completing offers?
As a general rule, you’re going to have to give something to get something —whether that’s your time, your data, your business or your attention. Offersfor free gift cards that ask for nothing in return are almost always scams.
With that said, the best way to get gift cards with as little effort aspossible is via cash-back shopping. One good example is Pei, which lets youlink your credit and debit cards and then automatically earn points wheneveryou use those cards to pay at participating retailers.
What is a free gift card generator?
Gift card generators are software programs that try to illegally guess giftcard numbers. There are obviously many reasons why trying to use theseapplications is a terrible idea.
What is the fastest way to get a free Amazon gift card?
Based on our research and experience, the fastest way that we’ve found to geta free Amazon gift card is through the completion of “money makers,” which areoffers that cost a little bit of money upfront, but pay you more in rewardsthan you spend. It’s not uncommon to find offers that cost $10 to $20 upfrontand pay $40 or $50 in points.
Our pick for the best place to find money makers is Swagbucks, which alsooffers surveys, cashback shopping and a host of other ways to earn points.
What is the fastest way to get a free Walmart gift card?
While almost all of the ways to earn free gift cards included in this articleallow you to score an Amazon gift card, fewer allow you to cash out for aWalmart gift card. We wrote a dedicated guide to getting free Walmart giftcards that lists the best options.
Are there any legit ways to get PayPal gift cards?
Many of the options on this list offer PayPal gift cards or direct PayPal cashtransfers (or sometimes both). When opting for the latter, pay close attentionto the rules; typically, you must request the money be sent to a PayPalaccount with a name and email address that matches the one you used whensigning up for the rewards portal.
Here are a few more ways to get free PayPal cash.
Can you get free gift cards through Facebook?
While Instagram is a great place to find giveaways, Facebook is not an idealplace to look for gift cards. Hashtags aren’t as widely used as they are onInstagram, which makes giveaways harder to find. Plus, Facebook does not haveas robust of a verification system, which makes it harder to judge whetheryou’re dealing with a reputable person or company.
Can you get free plastic gift cards?
If you’re looking specifically for physical, plastic gift cards (perhapsbecause you want to use them as a Christmas gift), there are still a fewoptions — but you’ll have to be more selective about which websites youutilize.
Some of the sites and apps on this list that offer both physical and digitalgift card options include Swagbucks and TopCashback. There is usually a smallfee for requesting a physical card, so make sure to read the fine print beforecashing in your points.
Is there a way to get discounted gift cards?
Yes, there are many! Swagbucks and Rakuten both operate discounted gift cardportals, and sites like Raise.com are dedicated to buying unwanted gift cardsand selling them as a discount off their face value.
Can you get gift cards through Coinstar?
Yes, you can. And while Coinstar charges a small fee for converting coins intopaper money, opting for a gift card allows you to trade those coins in forfree.
We didn’t include this method in the main part of the article because it isn’ttechnically a way to get a free gift card, but it sure can feel like freemoney when you cash-in your spare change.

How to Get Free Gift Cards: Final Thoughts

Earning a free gift card or two is the ideal way to creatively finance apurchase that’s not exactly a need. By doing so, you avoid blowing yourbudget. And even more so, you delay the purchase a bit to make sure it’s stillsomething you want.
Here are a few more guide to getting free gift cards:
R.J. Weiss is the founder and editor of The Ways To Wealth, a CertifiedFinancial Planner™, husband and father of three. He’s spent the last 10+ yearswriting about personal finance and has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, MSNMoney, and other publications.

12 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos That Work GREAT (2021)
Some of the links on our website are sponsored, and we may earn money when youmake a purchase or sign-up after clicking. Learn more about
how we make money

Do you find yourself getting sucked into watching online videos, even when youknow you should be doing other things? Maybe your habit isn’t as bad as youthink.
Instead of beating yourself up for being unproductive, why not actually makemoney while watching videos in your spare time?
It is possible to get paid to watch videos online, and this article will showyou how to do it. While you won’t get rich, you will make some extra money forsomething you like to do anyway.
Don’t have time to read the full article? Here are some quick picks:
* Best Website/App: Swagbucks. Has a large inventory of paid videos, no minimum withdrawal amount, and offers plenty of other ways to make money. * Best Part-Time Job: Market Force. This company will pay you to visit movie theaters and watch trailers and films. * Best Earning Potential: Review movies and TV shows. You can start your own blog or YouTube channel, or work as a freelance writer.
Keep reading to learn more about these and other options.

Other Ways to Make Money Watching Videos

The sites and methods listed above can be a great way to make a little bit ofeasy money in your spare time. But as we mentioned in the intro, they willnever make you rich. And in most cases, you’ll be hard-pressed to make morethan $25 per month, even with consistent usage.
In contrast, the options below are legitimate side hustles that providesignificantly more upside.

9. CreationsRewards

CreationsRewards pays you to watch videos and also to shop online, takesurveys, explore websites, play games, and refer friends.
The earnings opportunities are virtually limitless, and you can use yourrewards points to get gift cards and PayPal cash. New members can also earn a$5 signup bonus.
Trustpilot: 2.5 out of 5 stars

What Do you need to do to get free steam codes?

You might have read or heard about the below quote…
Nothing comes for free!
Well, that’s true even for the case of Free Steam Codes.
I’ve shared different websites in the above section which can help you earnsteam codes for free.
But, in return, you’re required to perform minor tasks.
Now, the tasks these websites ask you to complete are benefiting the businessof these websites.
This business chain continues to help companies linked to these websites orapps.
Let’s look at the list of few tasks generally and then I’ll share how theseprocesses work to fill your steam wallet.
* Completing Surveys * Watching Videos * Play Online Games * Do Online Shopping * Discover Online Content

How to get free steam gift cards?

You can get free Steam gift cards by joining survey sites like Swagbucks andtaking surveys and performing tasks, getting cashback on Rakuten and Ibotta,and playing games on Mistplay and Inbox Dollars etc. Check out this articlefor more ways.

The Best Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards

Free gift cards come in different flavors, but a lot of companies use thismarketing tactic to get you to perform a specific task. For instance, acompany may offer to pay you via gift card to complete a paid online survey orwatch a video online. Other companies use gift cards as a way to rewardshoppers for a purchase.
Whatever the case may be, this is a great opportunity to earn free money.

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