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Earn Bitcoin Cash With is a platform that connects crypto shoppers with anyone who wishes toexchange their Amazon gift cards for bitcoin cash. In order to participate inthe program as an “Earner” you don’t need to send the actual cards to anyinterested buyers over the mail. Instead, all you have to do is fulfill theirorders on Amazon. The platform holds the cryptocurrency needed for a purchasesent by the shopper and once the confirmation of the delivery to them isreceived, you will be given the agreed payout.
If you are thinking about converting your Amazon gift cards into bitcoin cashusing in this way, you should keep in mind that shoppers areexpecting to receive discounts in exchange for their cryptocurrency. Accordingto the statistics published on the site, the company has facilitated more than300,000 orders during 2018 with an average discount of 18%.
Another way to acquire some BCH, without having to open an account with acentralized exchange, is by using It’s a recently launchedglobal marketplace for peer to peer bitcoin cash trading focused on privacy.
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30+ Best Apps That Give You Free Gift Cards [2021 Update]We all like to earn a little extra money from our hobbies and daily habits,whether it’s cash or the next best equivalent, gift cards.
Are you using one of these apps to earn free gift cards?
If not, you can start getting paid for activities you already do online. Ifthe thought of getting paid for doing what you already do sounds appealing,you need to check out these free gift card apps!

Buy gift cards at Kroger and double your savings! Kr2xdip

Disclosure: This post is sponsored, but every opinion shared below is entirelymy own.
Use gift cards like cash when you shop this Black Friday, and save even more!Now at Kroger you can double your savings, earning 4x fuel rewards and extracredit card rewards when you buy gift cards through December 6. Here’s how itworks:
* Fuel Offer: Now through 12/6, get 40¢ off per gallon when you spend $100 on gift cards! ALL gift cards are included except Visa variable, MasterCard variable and American Express variable gift cards (check with your store for participating cards). Any other “variable” gift cards are included though, and you can add any amount you want up to $500! * Earn Credit Card Rewards: By using your favorite rewards credit card to purchase gift cards at Kroger, you can earn points, miles or a percentage back on your purchase. Some credit cards even offer increased rewards for purchases made at grocery!
For example, see how you can save 15% when you purchase $100 in participatinggift cards:
* $6 off fuel: When you buy a $100 gift card you earn 40¢ off each gallon of gas you pump. That’s $6 in savings for a 15 gallon tank (even more if you have a larger tank)! * $3 back: If you earn 3% on grocery purchases through your credit card rewards program.
Head to your Kroger store to get all of the details!

Earn Gift Cards With Things You Already Do

The best and easiest way to earn free gift cards is to do things you’realready doing. For example, online shopping through a portal like Swagbucks orHoney. Or you can decide to scan your regular grocery receipt with Ibotta orFetch Rewards.
You don’t need to do extra purchases or change your spending habits.
If you don’t shop a lot, earn free gift cards through online surveys, askingfor gift cards, enter giveaways, and more.

Card-to-card points transfers

Chase Ultimate Rewards® points earned on different cards can be pooled andredeemed together. That allows you to move points to one of the Sapphire cardsor the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card to redeem for outsize value.
For example, if you have the Chase Freedom Flex℠, you can’t redeem for travelat the higher rewards rate — just the usual 1 cent per point. But if you alsohave the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Chase Sapphire Reserve®, you cantransfer your Chase Freedom Flex℠ points to either of those cards and redeemfor the higher value (or transfer to a partner airline or hotel).

Earn cash back on gift card purchases

You can also earn cash back rewards by purchasing virtual gift cards throughIbotta. You’ll need to link a Mastercard or Visa to the Ibotta app to buy giftcards from over 120 retailers. Each store has its own cash back offer for giftcards, but you can expect to earn around 5% for most retailers.

7. Offers Cash Back Opportunties for Online Shoppers

The Ibotta app is no longer limited to in-person grocery shopping trips. Ifyou download the free browser extension to your laptop or PC, you can startearning money for shopping online. The extension works automatically in thebackground and alerts you when it finds a deal that you can activate beforeyou make a purchase online.
You can also shop online from your smartphone by visiting the Online Shoppingsection which is listed on the app’s home screen. Just select the retailerfrom the list of stores and start shopping as you normally would. You’ll findcashback opportunties from huge sites like Amazon,, eBay, Kohl’s,and more than 190 others.

Can you earn credit card rewards doing so?

One major benefit of using a credit card to pay for gift cards is the fact youcan earn rewards on your purchase. If you plan to give someone a $50 gift cardfor their birthday, for example, you could buy a gift card with plastic andearn points or cash back on that purchase, whereas you wouldn’t earn anythingif you gave them a $50 bill instead.
Just make sure you pick the right type of rewards credit card for your giftcard purchases. Some rewards credit cards only let you earn cash back, whileothers offer flexible rewards or points you can use in a specific airline orhotel program.

Best credit cards for purchasing gift cards

The best credit cards to use for gift cards are ones that let you rack up asmuch in rewards as you possibly can. With that being said, you should choose acredit card for gift cards carefully and based on the type of rewards you hopeto earn.
Here are some of the top credit cards for gift card purchases, along withwhere they work best:

Target Redcard: Best for gift card discounts

The Target Redcard is available exclusively for purchases made at Target,which means it is rather limited. However, this card doesn’t have an annualfee, and you’ll get perks like 5 percent off everything you buy at Target, free shipping on most items and exclusive offers and savings.
Why this card is ideal for gift cards: The Target Redcard also lets you save 5percent off specialty gift cards for travel, restaurants, subscriptionservices and more.

8. Earn Rewards for Purchasing Gift Cards

Purchase Marriott gift cards with your Marriott credit card at participatingMarriott properties and receive 6 points per dollar spent. Marriott gift cardsmake great gifts for weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, orgraduates who will be traveling.

Gamcamp-Play games to earn gift cards and rewards APK for Android

Gamcamp-Play games to earn gift cards and rewards for Android is a games gamespecially designed to be fully-featured earn game. Play games and collectpoints to redeem rewards. You can find more latest popular games on theplatform, and you can play each of the latest games recommended to you in thelist for free, collect high points for rewards, and play longer , Can getmultiple points rewards and get more generous rewards; . Play the game andstart earning points.

How many gift cards can you get?

Most GPT sites offer the same type of earning opportunities, but the actualtasks/offers and rewards you will earn will vary.
But if you want to maximize your earnings and make the best out of your time,I would suggest you join all the sites that will be listed below. This is thebest way to earn the most rewards but still have enough time to do other stuffyou want to do with your day.
You see, with great GPT sites, you won’t run out of things to do to earnrewards. This is one of the benefits of joining one. You will be able to earnrewards on a regular basis.
All the sites I will be listing down offer good earning potential and are, asmentioned, free to join. You just need to invest a bit of your time and someeffort.

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