Where can I use my Xbox gift card

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How to get free Xbox gift card codes?

So how to get a free Xbox gift card code in a legit way? In this post, we’llshow you effective and easy ways to earn an Xbox gift card.

Method 3: Complete surveys to earn Xbox gift card

Online survey sites and get-paid-to (GPT) websites offer gamers around theworld a simple opportunity to earn free Xbox gift cards. It pays off as longas you take the time to do it.
However, different survey sites offer different rewards. To maximize yourtime, we’ll show you the top 5 sites that you can try in your free time.
* Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best get-paid-to (GPT) websites. It offers gamers anexcellent opportunity to get a free Xbox gift card. By joining them, you’llnever have to worry about you’ll run out of tasks since there’s an impressiverange of ways to earn your Xbox gift card.
* IdleEmpire

IdleEmpire is by far the most highly-rated survey site, getting an amazingrating at 4.9 on Trustpilot. By joining it, you will receive 500 points as awelcome gift. Complete tasks and offers, watch videos, play mobile games, testsoftware, or invite your friends to Idle-Empire. Just take your pick!
* LifePoints

LifePoints is the place for those who want to collect rewards by sharing theirvoices. Most of the will take 10-15 minutes to complete, but you can stillearn some points if you don’t finish it. It requires a minimum of 550LifePoints ($5) in your account to withdraw.
* PointPrizes

PointsPrizes has been delivering prizes to its members since 2017, and it’sbeen trusted by millions of people all over the world. There are Offer Walls,Survey Routers, Video Ads, and Daily Bonuses, which offer you different waysto earn free Xbox gift cards easily.
* SurveyJunkie

SurveyJunkie is the most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards forsharing your thoughts. The average survey is about 100-200 points and takesabout 20 minutes to complete. One hundred points are equal to about $1, andthe minimum cash out is $10 worth of points. You can use the points topurchase Xbox gift cards.

What is my Xbox gift card balance?

Finding your Xbox gift card balance is rather easy, but it does depend onwhere you bought the gift card.
* Check the back of your gift card for a 1-800 number. * Call that number and enter your account number, security code on the back of the card, or PIN if applicable. You may also be able to do this online. * If you purchased your Xbox gift card, Xbox Live or Xbox Live Gold directly from Microsoft for your Xbox 360 or Xbox One, simply call customer service. * You can also log in to your Microsoft account at Microsoft.com or use your Xbox console, select “Home”, and then select “Money and Gift Cards” to check your gift card balance. * Check your gift card balance on Xbox.com by going to https://www.xbox.com/en-US/giftcards/balance.

Does my Xbox gift card expire?

Almost all gift cards in the United States eventually expire, and thatincludes an Xbox gift card, whether it’s purchased at a local grocery store,ordered online, or sent as a promotional gift card via Microsoft Rewards orXbox Live Rewards. The expiration date is clear and can be found on the backof the gift card. However, Xbox Live cards never expire. Always check the FAQon the packaging or read the fine print when purchasing a gift card code orMicrosoft gift card online to verify the card’s longevity. Make sure to checkyour account balance regularly to ensure it’s still active.

How can I load more funds onto my Xbox gift card?

You can either log onto your Microsoft account via Microsoft.com or right fromyour Xbox console—Xbox 360 and Xbox One work fine to access your account. Goto the gift card page in the Microsoft Store and make your selection based onyour needs for an Xbox or Microsoft gift card. Then simply choose the amountneeded to refill and checkout. Payment options include credit or debit cards,prepaid credit card, and PayPal in certain locations. You’ll always be able toaccess your account balance or gift card balance this way as well. Check yourMicrosoft FAQ for the customer service number if any concerns arise.

Where can I use my Xbox gift card?

Xbox gift cards are not accepted at the physical Microsoft Store. However,there are three places where they are accepted:
* Microsoft.com on the Microsoft Store online for digital code and content purposes * On Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One * Windows
Your Xbox gift card can be used for apps, downloads, content, TV shows, and somuch more, so not being able to use it in a physical Microsoft Store isn’t abig deal for most people.

How can I earn free Xbox gift cards?

A lot of sites promise free gift cards, but there are a lot of scams outthere. Always check the site or app’s FAQ to see just how they work and if anyextra non-site-related purchases are necessary on your end (a major red flag).May rewards sites, however, are legitimate and offer customers a way to earnfree gift cards, and even Xbox Live Gold cards or points. Claim Xbox couponsand promo codes at Swagbucks to earn free Xbox gift cards while also receivingcash back for purchases at the Microsoft Store. Try the following to startearning your way towards free Xbox gift card:

9. Grab Points – Earn Xbox Gift Card Free

If you want Xbox gift card free very instantly then this is one of the greatways. Now you can grab many points to get PayPal money without doing any hardwork which you can use it to purchase Xbox. If you don’t have any job, thenyou can start earning money with GrabPoints. All you need to do is performlittle tasks online to earn some gift cards and money.
GrabPoints is a mobile app where you can do various surveys, enter promocodes, watch videos and complete offers to earn money. You can also earnpoints just by referring it to your friends. There are also chances to earnfree PayPal money which you can use to get Xbox gift cards.
For More information: Click Here

6. Ask for free gift cards instead of gifts.

* Earning Potential: 4.5/5.0 stars * Minimum to Cash Out: N/A
This method doesn’t involve any apps or technology and is probably the fastestand easiest way to get free gift cards.
All you have to do is ask. When it’s a gift-giving season or your birthday andpeople ask you what you want, tell them you’d like gift cards to your favoritestore. Or, if you want the flexibility to spend your free gift card money inmore than one place, ask for a Visa prepaid debit card.
Your friends and loved ones want to get you something that you genuinely want.Some people think gift cards are a cop-out, but in some cases, they actuallymake the perfect gift.
If you’re saving for a large purchase like a new MacBook Pro or homeappliance, tell your friends and family how gift cards would help lower theexpense. More than likely, they’ll be glad to help you reach your goal.

11. Leverage a rewards credit card.

* Earning Potential: 4.5/5.0 stars * Minimum to Cash Out: Varies
Credit cards aren’t for everyone. If you have a history of overspending or aretrying to get out of debt, then this probably isn’t your best option.
However, if you don’t have credit card debt and trust yourself to only spendwhat you can pay off every month, then consider getting a rewards credit card.These cards typically pay 1-3% in cash back or travel points, depending on thecard.
Some offer higher rewards for certain categories, such as groceries or travel,and there are many rewards credit cards with no annual fees. You’ll need to dosome research to figure out which card makes the most sense for you.
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15. Test Drive Cars to Earn Free Gift Cards

Pretty wild way to earn free gift cards but it’s totally legit. Many cardealerships will offer you free gifts cards for swinging by and taking one oftheir latest inventory out for a spin.
This is a great way to not only receive some free gift cards for doingsomething fun but you also get to drive around some awesome new cards.
Be sure you are prepared to walk into a dealership, they will try and sell toyou. Car dealerships make their money by getting foot traffic into thedealership and selling HARD.
Make sure you have your guard up and realize you are only there for the freegift cards and coffee. Don’t get caught up in a salesman sitting you down andtempting you to upgrade your car.

Ways to Earn Free Xbox Gift Cards

In the list below, we will go over the ways to earn a free gift code. Rememberthat these gift cards can be used anywhere on the Microsoft store.
In other words, they are not exclusive to purchases of Xbox games and relateditems.

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